Life is full of twists and turns, peaks and valleys

Are you looking for guidance to navigate your inner landscape?

Befriend your mind/body system

Get back in the driver’s seat of your experience

Move lighter through life

There can be times when we feel stuck in patterns of unworthiness, shame, overwhelm, powerlessness, fear, confusion or disconnection

and when we do, we suffer

Through education and exploration we can learn to let our light take the lead

Connect to the intelligence of the body

The answers you are seeking are already inside of you. Learn to harness deeper wisdom through conscious connection to the physical body.

Discover the inside/out nature of reality

When we insightfully see the role our thinking plays in our moment-to-moment experience we can learn to expand our awareness where more becomes possible.

Become your own guide

Feel empowered to become your own internal navigator with a pathway to follow that allows you to continue to work with your own inner landscape.

Kind Words

"She is a wonderful counsellor and an empathic wise woman"

“I first met Kirsten when fear and low self-worth were dominating my life.

Every decision I was making I second-guessed and felt that I was not worthy of anything except a small life. I felt trapped by my existence.

Kirsten provided a path for me to follow that was uniquely tailored for me.

She helped me to rediscover my inner peace and gave me the tools to go back and reset myself when new issues arise.

She is a wonderful counsellor and an empathic wise woman that I would recommend to anyone seeking to re-discover their path.”

- Nicky, Nelson

Soar higher. See clearer.

Do you remember being captivated by a raindrop on a petal as a child? The excitement of seeing a rainbow. Or feeling the ripples of energy during a thunderstorm? Everything was magical.

But as adults, we often find the extraordinary feels ordinary, and the light we felt as children grows dim.

Maybe we find ourselves just knowing, deep inside, that there must be another way to experience life.

Or big life changes and events have given us the opportunity to stop and reflect on which path we wish to take next.

Where ever you find yourself on your journey there is always potential for more light, magic and joy.

Knowledge brings empowerment

Understanding brings compassion

Kia Ora

I invite my clients on a pathway of discovery. An inner exploration to support a reconnection to living life in greater alignment with our uniqueness and authenticity.

This pathway holds the potential to connect more deeply with who we really are and realise who we are not.

It clears the way to embody more of our authenticity and empowers us to feel confident in meeting life whatever the weather. We learn to trust that the storms are only passing through and the sun is always shining even when it is hidden from our view.

Travel lighter through life

Maybe your tendency is to struggle through things on your own. Or you have tried talking to others but still find yourself feeling stuck in repeating the same old patterns that you desire to change.

We can learn to use these challenges as an opportunity to understand ourselves and our design as human beings more. We can begin to consider that nothing is wrong rather this is the way our body/mind system communicates to us what it is we need to be investigating more closely- with curiosity and kindness. The Lighten Up Pathway offers ways for us to do that. Through knowledge and understanding we can learn how to “work with” what life is bringing us in a gentle and transformative way.

A natural byproduct of beginning to delete and dissolve old and outdated patterning is a sense of travelling lighter through life.

Your journey to re-discovering you starts here

1. Get in touch

Email or call me and let’s talk about where you’re at and where you want to be. We’ll see if we’re a good fit and book in your first session.

2. Start your journey

Are you ready to explore?! Start your inner journey, healing from the inside out and uncovering your uniqueness.

3. Shine brighter

Get back on the path you choose to be on. Experience life the way you know it could be and shine brightly!

If you feel thrown around by life or are unable to see a path forward . . . Get reconnected to your inner navigation system through accessing the wisdom of your body and aligning with your light.